epicnpoc @ home : what’s next for user experience?

Before we talk about how we prepare the future of user experiences development, let’s start with the most important.

The entire epicnpoc team hopes you and your family are in good health, taking care of yourself, in the safest and most confortable place during these difficult times.

For almost a month now, epicnpoc teammates are working from their respective homes. And we must admit, even if most of our customers have postponed their projects, these are busy times!

So, what are we working on?

Since 2018, we are dedicated to provide to best tools and methodologies to enable user experience development in complex system, and this is not going change!

What we all live these days will have an impact on our future life:

  • The way we experience the surrounding world
  • How we interact together
  • How we use products all around us

And as well on the way the industry is organized to develop new experiences:

  • Collaborative remote teams
  • Fewer travels and face to face meetings
  • Alternative ways to show and demonstrate new products and experiences

How epicnpoc contributes to the future of user experience development :

To create a positive impact for all and address the upcoming challenges, both on the future products and the way to work, epicnpoc is strengthening its offer and developping new assets:

  • User experience benchmark : To better understand what exists today and how it is developped.
  • Collaborative tool and process : To create and describe your future experience experiences together, even if we are not face to face. A clear process with accessible outputs to have a better understanding of your project.
  • Reference experiential setups : To speed-up and ease experience iterative development. Limited effort to adress today and tomorrow requirements of your experiences.
  • Refined software factory : To ensure quality and agile software delivery. Supporting iterative experience design development isn’t a constraint, it is part of our DNA
  • Experience digital twin : To test your experience as soon as possible and to share it. An additional iteration of your project based on the same software.

Because we want you to become experience makers, all these assets are built with one approach : Low-code.

Interested in these topics ?

Feel free to drop us an email to discuss about how to develop the experiences of tomorrow

Stay safe, stay @home, and see you soon to make your experience real!

the epicnpoc team