Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services

Embarking on a prototyping project can be a transformative journey. The key to a successful project lies in a collaborative partnership, where ideas are nurtured, refined, and transformed into exceptional prototypes. Empower your teams with a platform for innovation.

Make your experience with EPICNPOC

Make your experience with EPICNPOC

3 Steps To Your Success


Your original intent, as a starting point to create a unique product experience.

STEP 1 –

Describe and iterate your user experience scenarios

Start with your intentions and technology. Quickly create an experience description that can easily be shared with the engineering community.

Experience Description

An experience specification to share with your teammates.

STEP 2 –

Integrate your components and custom user interfaces

Collaborate with your extended teams to transform your experience description into a fully interactive prototype. Refine and improve all logic of the product experience. Integrate new devices, define and set associated parameters

  • Connect technologies and tools on a common framework
  • Deploy your experience on the targeted product

Interactive Prototype

Your experience live, to test and demonstrate based on real interactions.

STEP 3 –

Test and play with physical and virtual prototypes

Socialize your interactive prototype to generate a product experience specification and to gain knowledge that can be used for future projects.

  • Demonstrate, communicate and promote your future product
  • Easily gather data from your product testing

Specification for Product Development

Refined and matured specification to kickstart the next phase of your product development.


Data for your next project, gathered from your test and interaction.

Get started today

Get started today

Start with your experience intention and technologies. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop an interactive concept for demonstration, communication and promotion.


Benefits of Prototyping Services


Access experts with 15 years experience in the automotive industry


Empower your teams with a platform for innovation


Apply a collaborative and user-centric approach


Test and share your experience early in the development process


Gain valuable feedback from key stakeholders


Optimize your experience with data captured from product usage