Forvia Empowers UX Design Team With Epicnpoc’s Bowl Studio

EPICNPOC is pleased to announce that Forvia, the world’s 7th largest automotive technology supplier, is the first pilot customer of BOWL Studio, a no-code software for designers and developers to prototype the user experience. 

BOWL Studio was used by the Forvia UX design team to assist in their development of the user experience for the Horizon concept car that debuted at CES 2024.  


Horizon provides fresh user experiences in a midsize SUV package. The HMI features magically unveil, 3D graphics content poetically floats in space and HMI feature selection is happening by eye tracking. The entire interaction model is targeting a measurably safe and at the same time pleasureful driving experience. The interior is then transformed into various configurations, all respecting safety and design integrity. The highly comfortable front seats will take a comfortable and relax position while the vehicle is recharging. The passenger seat is equipped with long-range tracks so, in a single movement, it can be positioned in place of part of the rear bench, enabling its occupant to interact fully with rear passengers. Thanks to a furniture like table pod detaching itself from the instrument panel and moving backwards when the front seat is moved backwards, the passenger can also enjoy a dedicated work surface, while broadening their visual horizon and increasing their sense of space. For more information, please visit Forvia’s CES 2024 press kit.


EPICNPOC has been a leading provider of prototyping services to Forvia for the last 5 years, having led the user experience development for the following concept cars and technology demonstrations.  

  • 2019 – CES Masterpiece Concept Car and 3 technology demonstrations 
  • 2020 – CES Masterpiece Concept Car 
  • 2022 – Masterpiece Concept Car 
  • 2023 – CES Lumieres Concept Car 
  • 2024 – CES Horizon Concept Car 

For 2024, BOWL Studio enabled Forvia’s UX design team to take the lead in describing and generating the user experience scenarios.  This is a formidable task during the early stages of the development of a concept car, given that it is a complex experience and there is little to no ability to test and iterate. This empowered the design team by formalizing the demonstration scenario in a way that can easily be shared with the engineering community. Sharing the intention and the expectations around each technology behavior significantly accelerated the convergence timing of the Forvia team.  

“Bowl is an intelligent solution intended to establish a common language between the different professions, thus simplifying communication and optimizing team efficiency. It helps to clarify key elements in the early stage of the project, thus providing the opportunity to quickly focus on deepening the quality of the project. Mostly it’s less scary than a big table or any other deliverable, usually loaded with lots of information. This tool not only gathers key elements in one place but also makes the treatment of info much easier.” 

Byoung Yea NOH FORVIA Lead UX designer | HMI Ergonomist 

For the Horizon Concept Car, the epicnpoc team also used BOWL to connect multiple technologies on a common framework and to provide an impressive depth of interaction. These additional BOWL functionalities are on the product roadmap to become commercially available over the next few years.   

“EPICNPOC has been using BOWL Studio as an internal development tool to provide prototyping services. The transition to a commercially available product marks a milestone in the company history.  We are thrilled to give our customers the autonomy and power to be experience makers – and Forvia is the ideal customer for a pilot project given our rich history and strong business relationship.” 

Bertrand Stelandre, CEO 

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