Streamlining Projects through Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative innovation plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to expand their fields of development by joining forces with partners to develop or implement innovative projects. This approach holds immense importance for companies seeking success in complex endeavors. Moreover, collaborative innovation fosters cooperation, knowledge exchange, and the creation of added value. In the following sections, […]

Press Release by L’Usine Nouvelle

« Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, La R&D pilote la mobilité Article by L’Usine Nouvelle To set up an appointment : Communication Contact :

Press Release by Neonode®

Changing the Way We Write with AI-powered Handwriting Recognition The power of Collaborative Innovation ! We are thrilled to see two of our technology partners, Neonode and MyScript® , developing the ability to write on any surface with any input, or use in-air hand gestures to write on interactive holographic displays and convert words and symbols in real-time. Thanks […]


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