EPICNPOC @3DXConference 

Last week, Bertrand Stelandre attended the 3DEXPERIENCE Conference in Darmstadt to demonstrate our collaboration with Dassault Systemes on Software République’s H1st vision concept car.   

H1st vision, the concept-car designed by Software République, is a human-centered vision of tomorrow’s mobility.   

For the H1st project, epicnpoc’s BOWL software was used to create all interactive experiences by easily connecting the Software République member and partner technologies. These experiences were generated and sharable, both in the Dassault Systemes virtual twin and physical world. By using BOWL, the H1st team was able to bridge the design and develop teams and generate functional user interfaces.


Many thanks to Dassault Systèmes for their invitation to this event and collaboration in this project. We look forward to the opportunity to partner on future mobility experience prototypes. 

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