EPICNPOC @ Intuitive Vehicles 2023  

At the Intuitive Vehicles Summit in Germany this week, industry experts and thought leaders met to explore the challenges and trends in future automotive interior concepts, multimodal interfaces, connected cars, HUDs, AR, simulation tools, rapid prototyping, functional safety, Trust Calibration, and the future of HMI technology.  Guillaume Becourt and Bertrand Stelandre hosted the EPICNPOC booth where participants visited to learn how to prototype the automotive experience.  

Here were some of the questions asked by visitors :

« How to start a project with user experience ? »


Describe your user experience scenario with BOWL software and it will generate the first logic of your future product. Then use our Starter Kit to visualize, test and iterate your experience at the early stage of the project.

This includes the following components: instrument cluster, center information display, audio, e-mirror, light, stream deck, LED matrix, LED strip, NFC reader, Neonode IR sensor, tablet and HD camera.

« How do I add devices or user interfaces? »


Partner with us to integrate your components and custom user interfaces. BOWL generates the logic of your product. A Figma plugin speeds up development of functional interfaces as well as a connection to Unity. BOWL can interact with MBSE programs if some device logic is developed elsewhere.

« How can I demonstrate to key stakeholders? »


BOWL delivers fully interactive prototypes for both physical and virtual objects. Data can be gathered from user tests and demonstrations.

We had great conversations with HMI project leaders and innovation experts across the automotive industry and appreciated them sharing their challenges and project goals. Special thanks to Forvia for the invitation to participate and to RedCabin for organizing the event.  

To learn more about how to effectively demonstrate your automotive experience and to create the first iteration of a functional ecosystem in the absence of the requisite time, budget, and technology, explore our Automotive Prototyping article.