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Tuito and EPICNPOC announce a collaboration to boost intelligent cockpits with a multi-user voice system. 

After partnering on the execution of several projects for major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, Tuito and EPICNPOC are collaborating to deliver an advanced voice system to enable multi-user interaction within a smart cockpit.  

With expertise in voice recognition and audio artificial intelligence, Tuito’s solutions allow partners to quickly adapt to the sound constraints, lexicons and grammars specific to each application.  The collaboration with EPICNPOC’s BOWL platform will allow automotive clients to experiment with a multi-user Virtual Personal Assistant that enables each occupant to independently interact with the vehicle and the intercom system to interact with each or all occupants.  

BOWL is an experience development platform for project leaders, which combines a set of functional software, hardware, and tools. The platform allows users to easily design, develop, validate and test new cockpit and smart product experiences. The synergy of Tuito’s expertise in AI speech processing and EPICNPOC’s BOWL platform enables the emergence of a smart cockpit with an ultra-personalized and contextualized user experience. 

“Smart products need to learn and adapt their behavior according to the way users are interacting with them. By combining the Sound Source Separation SDK provided by Tuito with the Cabin Manager functions developed by EPICNPOC, our two companies are paving the way to create intelligent cockpits for tomorrow’s vehicles.”  

Pierre Sigrist, CTO of EPICNPOC

“So glad to be connected to EPICNPOC,  we can demonstrate our technology to a wide audience. With the BOWL Software Suite, you can easily create and evaluate live experiences with a WOW-effect without the overhead of dozens of experts for construction, production, design, or programming.”  

Laurent Molac, CEO of Tuito 

This collaboration will be showcased and new functionalities demonstrated with the next release of BOWL®, targeted for mid 2023.  

About Tuito: 

Tuito is an AI tech firm specialized in audio and language processing, offering advanced AI-powered vocal interaction solutions for various industries like medical, automotive, industry, and robotics. The company is recognized for its innovative work in the field, as evidenced by awards and publications in the research community and its connections to many Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs as well as universities and research centers. 


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