Benefits and applications of a virtual twin

virtual twin

Benefits and applications of a virtual twin The automotive prototyping industry is in a constant state of evolution, driven by the relentless pursuit of innovation and the quest for more efficient methods of vehicle design and development. In this dynamic landscape, two emerging concepts have captured the attention of engineers and designers alike: the Virtual […]


Europe’s biggest startup and tech event returns in May 2024. VivaTech accelerates innovation by connecting startups, tech leaders, major corporations and investors responding to our world’s biggest challenges.   Epicnpoc will be returning to the Porte de Versailles convention center to exhibit in Hall 1 at the startup corner from May 22 – 25, 2024.  If […]


We are excited to announce that we have joined The Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA) network and look forward to engaging with the global membership.  COVESA is an open, collaborative, and impactful technology alliance; accelerating the full potential of connected vehicles.  The group is focused on the development of open standards and technologies that accelerate innovation for […]

Forvia Empowers UX Design Team With Epicnpoc’s Bowl Studio

EPICNPOC is pleased to announce that Forvia, the world’s 7th largest automotive technology supplier, is the first pilot customer of BOWL Studio, a no-code software for designers and developers to prototype the user experience.  BOWL Studio was used by the Forvia UX design team to assist in their development of the user experience for the […]

What comes after a prototype ?

The process of creating a prototype often marks a significant milestone in the product development journey. It’s at this stage that ideas take shape, concepts become tangible, but the real question remains: what happens after these first iterations have materialized? That’s what we’re going to tell you in the next few lines. What is the […]

EPICNPOC wins Mobility Award at CES 2024

At CES in Las Vegas this past January, Business France hosted 150 French startups that represented 9 Tech Trend sectors: Health Tech, Hardware/Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Deep Tech, Mobility, Sport Tech, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, and Green Tech. Among all these startups, 9 were selected to highlight how French innovation will have a positive impact […]

Phygital Automotive | Epicnpoc

The automotive industry, once rooted in traditional mechanics and engineering, is currently experiencing an unprecedented revolution. This transformation is illustrated by the emerging concept of « phygital automotive, » symbolizing the inevitable fusion of the physical and the digital within modern vehicles. In a world where connectivity and technological advances redefine daily life, the automotive object is […]

Agile prototyping | Epicnpoc

Agile prototyping  The realm of product development is currently undergoing a rapid and transformative evolution, with traditional approaches encountering formidable challenges. In this dynamic context, agile prototyping is emerging as a groundbreaking and innovative method that offers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness throughout the entire development cycle. This revolutionary strategy not only involves the creation of […]

Prototyping for Industrial Design

The dynamic realm of industrial design is in a perpetual state of evolution, driven by a synergy of innovation and the quest for inventive solutions. At the heart of this intricate process lies a pivotal element that profoundly shapes the ultimate realization of products: industrial prototyping. More than just a transitional phase in the design […]

Epicnpoc @ CES2024

We are pleased to announce that we will kick off the new year at CES once again !   The world’s largest and most powerful annual technology show returns in January 2024!   It’s the perfect time to connect with the entire technology landscape at a single event in Las Vegas.  Exhibit with Business France: West Hall […]

Prototyping Services : Innovation with Working Prototypes

Prototyping plays an important role in product development. It is the process of creating and testing a model or initial sample of a product before it goes into full-scale production. This critical stage allows designers, engineers, and manufacturers to visualize, assess, and validate their ideas, aiding in the identification of areas for enhancement. The expertise […]

EPICNPOC @3DXConference 

Last week, Bertrand Stelandre attended the 3DEXPERIENCE Conference in Darmstadt to demonstrate our collaboration with Dassault Systemes on Software République’s H1st vision concept car.    H1st vision, the concept-car designed by Software République, is a human-centered vision of tomorrow’s mobility.    For the H1st project, epicnpoc’s BOWL software was used to create all interactive experiences by easily […]

EPICNPOC @ Intuitive Vehicles 2023  

At the Intuitive Vehicles Summit in Germany this week, industry experts and thought leaders met to explore the challenges and trends in future automotive interior concepts, multimodal interfaces, connected cars, HUDs, AR, simulation tools, rapid prototyping, functional safety, Trust Calibration, and the future of HMI technology.  Guillaume Becourt and Bertrand Stelandre hosted the EPICNPOC booth […]

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Automotive prototyping: Crafting the future of vehicles 

Automotive prototyping stands as a pivotal cornerstone within the dynamic realm of the automotive industry. It covers the art of constructing preliminary models or prototypes of vehicles prior to embarking on mass production. This phase, though often overlooked by the layman, plays a pivotal role in the multifaceted process of vehicle development. It assumes even […]


We are delighted to announce that we will be participating in the 22nd Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibition!  DSC gathers driving simulation specialists from the industrial and academic communities as well as commercial simulation providers. Participants will have the possibility to learn everything about the latest trends in XIL (MIL, SIL, HIL, DIL, VIL, CIL) and XR simulation […]

Streamlining Projects through Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative innovation plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to expand their fields of development by joining forces with partners to develop or implement innovative projects. This approach holds immense importance for companies seeking success in complex endeavors. Moreover, collaborative innovation fosters cooperation, knowledge exchange, and the creation of added value. In the following sections, […]

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Press Release by Neonode®

Changing the Way We Write with AI-powered Handwriting Recognition The power of Collaborative Innovation ! We are thrilled to see two of our technology partners, Neonode and MyScript® , developing the ability to write on any surface with any input, or use in-air hand gestures to write on interactive holographic displays and convert words and symbols in real-time. Thanks […]