Automotive prototyping: Crafting the future of vehicles 

Automotive prototyping stands as a pivotal cornerstone within the dynamic realm of the automotive industry. It covers the art of constructing preliminary models or prototypes of vehicles prior to embarking on mass production. This phase, though often overlooked by the layman, plays a pivotal role in the multifaceted process of vehicle development. It assumes even […]


We are delighted to announce that we will be participating in the 22nd Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibition!  DSC gathers driving simulation specialists from the industrial and academic communities as well as commercial simulation providers. Participants will have the possibility to learn everything about the latest trends in XIL (MIL, SIL, HIL, DIL, VIL, CIL) and XR simulation […]

Alternance en Communication – Marketing

Epicnpoc recherche un·e stagiaire ou alternant·e en Communication et Marketing. Tu fais des études de communication/Marketing et tu es passionné·e de nouvelles technologies , alors rejoins notre équipe dans notre bureau au cœur de Paris. Epicnpoc Epicnpoc développe depuis plus de 3 ans des logiciels qui permettent de donner vie à l’expérience utilisateur des produits […]